Morelia, Michoacan

What places to visit in Morelia?

Benito Juarez Zoo

The Morelia Zoo is located in the center of the city. In terms of variety of species, it is the most important in the country, since it has more than 440 and 3,800 specimens. Among its numerous animal species are: African lion, lizard, panther, bear, tiger, rhinoceros, elephant, llama, giraffe, hippopotamus, antelope, rhea and zebra, among others. The zoo occupies a large area of the Benito Juarez Park. It has an aquarium with; more than 160 freshwater and saltwater species, a herpetarium, a flying cage and a small childrens zoo. It also has an artificial lake with a boat rental service, an open-air auditorium, childrens games and more.

Los Encinos, Ecotourism and Adventure, has more than 4 acres in El Vaquerito Community, in the municipality of Charo, located on the Morelia-Toluca highway, approximately 7.4 km, or half an hour from Morelia. You can practice mountain biking, rappel and climbing, you can also do some of our hiking and trekking routes and circuits. It has a camping area, cabins, dining room for 80 people, audiovisual room for meetings, recreational games room, an outdoor forum, a gotcha area, a weight room, a small discotheque and karaoke.

Los Encinos Ecotourism and Adventure

Las Rosas Garden

The Luis Gonzalez or Las Rosas Garden is a town square in downtown Morelia, surrounded by buildings and architectural spaces that carry an important history behind each one. It has a central fountain of pink quarry stone and is adorned by beautiful trees and plants. This place is ideal to sit on its benches, go for a coffee and enjoy the view. You can also visit some of the citys typical restaurants in the surrounding area and feel like a local.

The Cuauhtemoc Forest is the largest in the city and one of the most important forests, you can go for a walk, or it can be ideal for meditation, exercise and to spend a good day. It has an orchid garden, childrens playground, and the Natural History and Contemporary Art museums. For a family day out, you can also enjoy mechanical games at a very low price, try their typical snacks or take your pet for a walk.

Cuauhtemoc Forest

What other places can you visit in Morelia?

Umecuaro Dam, Morelia Orchidarium, Morelia Equestrian Club, Cascadas de Ichaqueo Ecotourism Park or Atzimba Reign.

What is the typical food of Morelia?

Enjoy a sweet and spicy flavor with a Gaspacho Morelense
Refresh yourself with a delicious Pasta Ice Cream
Discover the Corundas, delicious and practical.


Gaspacho morelense is a fruit cocktail that traditionally contains mango, jicama, pineapple, chile, cheese, and orange juice. You can also add or remove ingredients and add the fruit of your choice. The combination of queso fresco and fruit may sound a little strange but it really makes it taste delicious.

Pasta Ice Cream

The name nieve de pasta refers to the method of preparing ice cream in Michoacan, but the traditional one in Morelia is made with three milks: cows milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk. It also contains honey and vanilla. It is usually a little thicker than normal. You can find different flavors such as coconut and Kahlua.


Corundas are tamales in the shape of triangles, they have fresh cheese in the dough and are served with cream and tomato sauce, and as they are very small in size, locals can eat up to 5 in one sitting. The combination is very delicious and they are an ideal lunch for a day of sightseeing in the city.

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What are the most popular bus routes to Morelia?

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Consult terms and conditions at: TUFESA | Travel Punctually Comfortable and Safe.

What are the most popular bus routes in Mexico?

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Consult terms and conditions at: TUFESA | Travel Punctually Comfortable and Safe.

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What are the types of bus tickets??

The main philosophy of Autotransportes TUFESA, which is he Providing a punctual, comfortable, and safe service has allowed us placed in the preference and taste of all its clients who are distributed in all ages, from small minors, teachers, students, seniors and disabled people with healthcare services low cost like Ordinary and Plus, and first class services like Tufesa Internacional, Tufesa titanium, and Tufesa Platinum; which allow us to provide the best services with new transportation. generation of the IRIZAR and VOLVO brands, adjusting to the needs and economic possibilities of all its clients. Guys of Tickets:

  1. Adult
  2. Child
  3. Senior
  4. Student
  5. Teacher
  6. PWD (Person with different capacity)

What are the bus ticket discounts?

Discounts applicable on regular season in national territory

Discounts will apply only to the regular rate and cannot be combined with other rates. promotions. In season Regularly the following discounts apply:

  1. Students: 20% discount. Only 20 discounts per bus. Applies only to Plus and Titanium services, NOT applicable to Executive or Platinum services.
  2. USA Students: The discount mentioned in the previous point will be applied only if the destination is the United States of America.
  3. Teachers: 20% discount. Only 4 discounts per bus. Applies only to Plus and Titanium services, NOT applicable to Executive or Platinum services.
  4. INAPAM/INSEN: 50% discount on Plus and Titanium services. Only 2 discounts per bus. For Platinum and Executive services, the discount is 30%.
  5. Persons with disabilities: 15% discount. Only 4 discounts per bus. Applies only to Plus and Titanium services, NOT applicable to Executive or Platinum services.
  6. Children aged 3 to 11: 50% discount on Plus and Titanium services. A maximum of 2 children per adult. For Platinum and Executive services, the discount is 30%.

Rate applicable in period vacation in national territory

Students and teachers will enjoy an additional discount applicable only on vacation season, attached to the period annually published in the Official Gazette of the Federation for institutions incorporated into the SEP.

  1. Students: 50% discount. Only 8 people per bus
  2. Teachers: 25% discount. Only 2 people per bus

Only applies to Plus and Titanium services, NOT applicable to Executive and Platinum services.

Where can I buy bus tickets to Morelia?

Buses are a means of collective transportation. the most used in Mexico when moving passengers to their favorite destination, Autotransportes TUFESA is the best bus line in the entire northwest of Mexico and part of the USA, You can travel in the best, most comfortable, safe and most modern buses. Consult and buy your tickets bus to any of the destinations that we offer for you, many more. Enjoy your trip in bus with all its services on board to your favorite destination. There are several ways to buy your tickets for bus trips, either physically or online. thank you to several platforms that exist today, it is easy to buy your bus tickets at a cheap price now that you get promotions or benefits when buying them online. TUFESA motor transport gives you several opportunities shopping and you can travel in luxury buses. Buy your bus tickets at:

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  3. By visiting the TUFESA Website
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  5. OXXO stores, with payment via Oxxo Pay

Traveling by TUFESA Autotransportes

We are Tufesa “the brand that moves”. Founded in 1993 as a federal passenger motor carrier, we have been expanding our offer incorporating new services with cutting-edge technology, with a single common denominator: mobility in a punctual, safe and comfortable manner. In addition to redefining passenger mobility, we incorporated brands that move: parcels and spare parts.

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